RGPV CSE 6th Semester Notes

6th Semester Scheme [View PDF]
6th Semester Syllabus [View PDF]

Subjects -
  • CS - 601 (Micro Processor and Interfacing)
    • Unit 1 (Microprocessor and Microprocessor Development Systems) [View PDF]
    • Unit 2 (8085 Microprocessor) [View PDF]
    • Unit 3 (8086 Microprocessor) [View PDF]
    • Unit 4 (I/O & Memory Interfacing Using 8085/8086 and Communication & Bus Interfacing with 8085/8086 Microprocessor) [View PDF]
    • Unit 5 (8051 Microcontroller) [View PDF]
  • CS - 602 (Principles of Programming Languages)
    • Unit 1 (Language Evaluation Criteria, Programming Paradigms, Programming Language Implementation and Issues in Language Translation) [View PDF]
    • Unit 2 (Data types) [View PDF]
    • Unit 3 (Subprograms and Blocks) [View PDF]
    • Unit 4 (Abstract Data types, Object Oriented Programming and Concurrency) [View PDF]
    • Unit 5 (Exception handling, Logic Programming Language and Functional Programming Languages) [View PDF]
  • CS - 603 (Software Engineering and Project Management)
    • Unit 1 (The Software Product and Software Process) [View PDF]
    • Unit 2 (Requirement Elicitation, Analysis, and Specification) [View PDF]
    • Unit 3 (Software Design) [View PDF]
    • Unit 4 (Software Analysis and Testing) [View PDF]
    • Unit 5 (Software Maintenance and Software Project Measurement) [View PDF]
  • CS - 604 (Computer Networking)
    • Unit 1 (Computer Network, Layered Architecture, ISO OSI Reference Model and Queueing Models) [View PDF]
    • Unit 2 (Data Link Layer, Data Link Layer Protocol, Bit Oriented Protocols and Protocol Verification) [View PDF]
    • Unit 3 (MAC Sublayer, Distributed Random Access Schemes/Contention Schemes, Collision Free Protocols, MLMA Limited Contention Protocols and High Speed LAN) [View PDF]
    • Unit 4 (Network Layer, Routing algorithms and Congestion Control Algorithms) [View PDF]
    • Unit 5 (Transport Layer, UDP, TCP, Session Layer, Presentation Layer and Application Layer) [View PDF]
  • CS - 605 (Advance Computer Architecture)
    • Unit 1 (Flynn’s Classification, Parallel Computer Models and Dynamic Interconnection Networks) [View PDF]
    • Unit 2 (Instruction Set Architecture, Interleaved Memory Organization and Backplane Bus System) [View PDF]
    • Unit 3 (Linear Pipeline Processor and Dynamic Instruction Scheduling) [View PDF]
    • Unit 4 (Cache Coherence, SIMD Organization and Principles of Multithreading) [View PDF]
    • Unit 5 (Parallel Programming Models) [View PDF]


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