RGPV CSE 8th Semester Notes

8th Semester Scheme [View PDF]
8th Semester Syllabus [View PDF]

Subjects -
  • CS - 801 (Soft Computing)
    • Unit 1 (Soft Computing and Artificial Intelligence) [View PDF]
    • Unit 2 (Neural Network) [View PDF]
    • Unit 3 (Counter propagation network, Hopfield/Recurrent network, Adaptive Resonance Theory and Associative Memory) [View PDF]
    • Unit 4 (Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy systems and Fuzzy rule base system) [View PDF]
    • Unit 5 (Genetic algorithm and Genetic modeling) [View PDF]
  • CS - 802 (Web Engineering)
    • Unit 1 (Introduction, Browser and Search Engines & Web Servers) [View PDF]
    • Unit 2 (Information Architecture, Website Design, Web security and Requirements Engineering for Web Applications) [View PDF]
    • Unit 3 (HTML & DHTML, Introduction to CGI, PERL, JAVA SCRIPT, JSP, PHP, ASP & AJAX and Cookies) [View PDF]
    • Unit 4 (Technologies for Web Applications II: XML) [View PDF]
    • Unit 5 (E- Commerce, Electronic Payment Systems and Security) [View PDF]
  • CS - 8203 (Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery)
    • Unit 1 (Introduction to Data Warehousing, Data Marts and Conceptual Modeling of Data Warehouses) [View PDF]
    • Unit 2 (OLAP) [View PDF]
    • Unit 3 (Introduction to Data Mining and Data Pre-processing) [View PDF]
    • Unit 4 (Association Rule Mining) [View PDF]
    • Unit 5 Part 1 (Cluster Analysis) [View PDF]
    • Unit 5 Part 2 (Classification) [View PDF]
  • CS - 8303 (Wireless Network)
    • Unit 1 (Introduction of Wireless Networks and Characteristics of the Wireless Medium) [View PDF]
    • Unit 2 (Network Planning and Wireless Network Operations) [View PDF]
    • Unit 3 (Multiple Division Techniques, Modulation Techniques and Mobile Data Networks) [View PDF]
    • Unit 4 (Introduction to Wireless LAN) [View PDF]
    • Unit 5 (IEEE 802.15 WPAN) [View PDF]


  1. Notes for 3rd unit of wireless network

    1. Unable to create because of the vastness of the topics in there..

  2. From which book these notes have been prepared

    1. They are the combination of many books and mostly from online...

  3. i m not able to download Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery unit-5 part-2

    1. I was unable to make notes of that part at that time so I don't have that... Sorry...

  4. Hello sir, can you please provide me notes of CS-8201-Network Management ???

    1. Sorry... I don't have any notes for CS-8201 Network Management.

  5. there is no link for wireless net unit 3

    1. Sorry... I don't have Wireless Network Unit 3 Notes...!!!